Logistics play a critical role in our company’s success. , from factory and supplier to customer. the importance of our logistics as preparation for efficient delivery, distribution, and inventory. Plus, we work with insights on the latest logistics trends.

Our philosophy is simple: “A company is only as good as the promises it keeps.” Our promise to our client base is one centered on world class service. As a service industry, that’s all we have to sell. We are staffed by seasoned professionals in the logistics business, each with decades of experience in all aspects of international freight forwarding and supply chain management. It is our mantra, it is our mission, it is our purpose.

There is no finish line in the race in establishing benchmark world class levels of service. A service organization, or any organization for that matter, should never stop striving to reach the next level of perfection in customer service.

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was Founded since 1999 in Iraq-Baghdad, Depending on the personal efforts which coming from a commercial scientific base in pharmaceuticals and madical appliance importing and marketing.

Today we are proud to say that ELEA considers of the govrnmental sectors. .

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