Healthier life better with our commitment to high quality, making the company one of the leading companies in the market, that arose in order to work together with customers to provide all that is needed from the patient’s excellent health care services.

We aim to achieve the company’s leadership in the pharmaceutical Marketing of high quality and the provision of medicines for people and according to the international standard specifications at all levels.

One of our main goals aims to become a leading company in the production of medicines and the most famous in the Middle East according to the long term Expanding plan.

The company trains its staff to use the latest advanced technology, and therefore the company has gained customer satisfaction by providing high-quality services in the field of pharmaceutical, which requires efficient and effective.

About us

was Founded since 1999 in Iraq-Baghdad, Depending on the personal efforts which coming from a commercial scientific base in pharmaceuticals and madical appliance importing and marketing.

Today we are proud to say that ELEA considers of the govrnmental sectors. .

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